Find balance, feel better


Hello - I'm Claire de la Varre, a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. 

I have been in private practice since 2008 and have offices in Stirling and Edinburgh. I have enhanced DBS Disclosure. 

Everyone has times in life when they struggle with one thing or another. Because of the pandemic, more people than usual are experiencing mental health issues. We are all capable of change, however old we become, and the brain is remarkably flexible or "plastic" over the course of our lives. Don't wait any longer to feel better!

What is 'integrative' hypnotherapy?

Integrative hypnotherapy means that I work with the whole person: mind, body and spirit, and in addition to hypnotherapy I may combine other approaches and techniques in a therapy session. You can learn more about each type of therapy I offer by visiting the Therapies page.


Why should you work with me?

Maybe your fears are getting the better of you. Perhaps you'd like to change an old habit, stop smoking, or lose weight. You might be struggling with unresolved grief, guilt, anxiety, or depression. Or maybe you have already made some positive changes in your life but feel you need a bit of support or motivation to continue. 

What to expect when you work with me

My aim is to help get you back on your feet and functioning again with all the tools and resources you need to cope well with the circumstances of your life, in as few sessions as possible. As I look at the whole person, I will ask you about various aspects of your life including your concerns, stress level, relationships, health and medical history, sleep, and work, and will listen carefully.

Choose a one-hour or 90-minute session, either online or in my comfortable Stirling office.


After the intake interview, each session will be a mix of talk, learning practical skills and coping strategies, and hypnotherapy (using guided imagery and relaxation). Somewhere from 2-12 sessions is a typical range for many of my clients. However, sometimes people need more support and resolution may take longer. 

Whilst I work with clients of all ages, I specialise in the following client populations: adolescents (11-21) and young people (21-25), couples, and clients with somatic symptoms (unresolved physical or medical symptoms). 


I am also a Human Givens therapist.  
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If you prefer to meet outdoors, I offer 'walk & talk' sessions in a local park. We incorporate nature into these walks using metaphors from what we see around us as a starting point for change.